Here in the Atlantic Ocean, one of the most virgin beaches paradises: the islands of Madeira and Porto Santo. Take a look to the Madeira map, if you click on, it will be zoomed.
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Nice people, wonderful nature and grate weather all year long.

The Madeira Islands are just a short trip from any city of Europe. Here you can enjoy not only the beautiful beaches, also the mountains and if you prefer, get lost in the city lights.

Madeira and Porto Santo are the ideal places to relax and restore the balance of mind and body that you need to get rid of stress.

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Madeira a Travelguide for the UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site

Madeira is very popular for its natural environment, where the most visited and interesting place is the Laurissilva Forest, a relic of the Tertiary Age. It has been classified by UNESCO as a World Natural Heritage Site.
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It will be grate for your holidays cloice, if you are a nature lover. Here you can find excellent hotels for your vacations.

Madeira has a mild weather and also a 17ºC of water temperature ¿Sounds nice?, yes, it is just ideal for beach time all the year. mean that you can be on the go all the time. Traditional and old buildings, interesting museums and typical island churches, are also the big attractions to visit the island. You can also find regional products like its wine and embroidery.

40 km from Madeira, you can find the island of Porto Santo , a place than many people consider as a paradise. 9 kilometres of golden sands beaches, washed by warm and transparent waters is the ideal site in the world for a quiet and relaxing holidays that you deserve.
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The uninhabited "Desertas and Selvagens Islands", you can take an excursion, that will takes you just a few hours: you will be able to see and photograph some of the rarest animals and plants on the earth.

The Selvagens Islands are formed by two groups of small islands ( a natural reserve with the rarest flora and fauna on the earth), "Selvagem Grande" and "Selvagem Pequena", you can find these paradises about 180 miles from Madeira.
The Desertas Islands are about 22 miles
southwest of Funchal: a biogenetic reserve for our planet. Actually it is the last Atlantic refuge for the Mediterranean monk seal (Monachus monachus), the rarest seal in the world.